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“Africa in America: Music, Dance, and Culture Magazine” represents as a primary resource for both professional African dance, music-based artists and art participants who are interested in the growing culture here in America while blending state-of-the–art visuals and using the cutting-edge fashions of today. These styles include the arts from North and South America, the Caribbean, West, Central, and Southern Africa. With a mix between “Dance Magazine” and “Essence”, “Africa in America: Music, Dance, and Culture Magazine” is dedicated to becoming the voice of a growing community of artists who have had little to no representation in the music and dance fields. Since African-based arts have held a huge part in social justice both in America and the Diaspora, “Africa in America” also is committed to continue this path by keeping our audience aware when it comes to community and organization building, grant and work opportunities, and many other ways that may inspire art locally and nationally. Every issue will address various platforms that need to be tackled within this African-based art form in America, and “Africa in America” will be filled with pages of the exquisite beauty of African Dance; bringing this culture to the mainstream through visual arts. Since its launch in September 20, 2014, Africa in America is beginning to become an important online resource, has produced two music videos and 3 successful consecutive years of Original Works Showcases for African Diasporic Music and Dance, and 2 successful drum and dance workshops locally.  Beginning the year 2020, our goal is to become a physical magazine that will be distributed internationally and nationally.



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